PyroUHP Technology Overview

PyroUHP uses Ultra High Pressure of 1200psi to break down the water droplet size to 1/64 th the size.


Extinguishing with Incredible Speed

By reducing the droplet size of water, UHP increases the surface area for any given volume of water by 16 to 20 times. This allows PyroLance to absorb heat and extinguish fires in record time. The charts below compare water effectiveness of traditional water flow and ultra-high pressure. In this example, UHP flows at a rate of 20 gpm (80 L/min) compared to normal water pressure at 100 gpm (400 L/min). With UHP, however, a full 18 gallons (68 L) of water are effective in extinguishing the fire compared to just 10 gallons (40 L) with normal water.


Another benefit of these micro-droplets is their ‘Hang-time’. Because these droplets are so light they will hang in the thermal layers longer, absorbing more heat energy and will actually be draw into the flow path to suppress the fire beyond the initial reach of the fireman.


Piercing To A Shorter Path

PyroLance uses pressurized water with a non-metallic aggregate that is completely non-heat producing and does not generate sparks. This gives PyroLance the ability to quickly breach and/or cut most types of materials without creating any additional heat or sparks. In addition, without the requirement of any other tools, it becomes both a defensive and offensive fire attack tool.



PyroLance introduces its fine mist of water through a small opening less than 1/8 inches – 3mm. A rapid reduction in temperature occurs without introducing large amounts of oxygen, which greatly reduces the likelihood of flashover or backdraft. Firefighters can manage the thermal layer while remaining outside in a safe, shielded, defensive position.

Actual Size of Entry Hole

Cooling In Seconds

With the introduction of the PyroLance Ultra High Pressure Water Mist System, the ability to cool the gaseous phase of the fire becomes a real alternative to physically taking the energy out of the thermal column. This leaves the firefighter with a lazy fire that does not threaten his safety nor allows the possibility of lateral spread. The major benefit is that all this can be achieved by penetrating from the outside of the structure prior to entering.

By using the Lance to penetrate through the outer structure in very quick time and allowing the ultra-high pressure water mist to flow directly into the thermal column, the ‘gas cooling’ effect will bring the interior temperatures down to well below flashover conditions. The transitional attack principle of utilizing gas cooling along with surface cooling has a profound effect in that minimal water is required due to the ultra-high pressure water mist technology involved. The unique feature of being able to penetrate using the Lance from the outside in very quick time allows fast control of the interior fire conditions from a defensive exterior position, without the risk of fire fighter exposure.


PyroLance, as a disruptive technology, is a true revolution in firefighting equipment and operational methodology, as well as the key to achieving a true transitional attack capability.